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Formula Regional and F4, the appointment in Imola will include the two postponed races

Imola ACI Racing Weekendís program has been defined and will include the two races previously postponed for safety reasons

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The Formula Regional European Championship certified by FIA and the Italian F4 Championship powered by Abarth both shared the same unlucky destiny of a postponed race, respectively during the appointments in Vallelunga and Misano. Those weekends were overshadowed by heavy rains to such an extent that race officials decided to insure driversí safety by postponing race 3.

The organizers, by the way, didnít want to deprive the young talents of the full experience provided by the two Championship, considered crucial to the driversí growth path, so they identified in this Emilian appointment the right occasion to dispute the postponed races.

It will be in the weekend from the 29th of August to the 1st of September that, with a considerable organizational effort by ACI Sport, in addition to the three usual races, also the postponed ones of each championship will be disputed. The program, still subject to change, sees a schedule with race 1 and 2 Saturday 30 August, insuring an appropriate amount of time between them. Race 3 will be held the day after, in the morning. Again, after a suitable amount of time for driversí recovery and carsí setup adjustments, the last race of the day, the makeup race, will be held.

This solution was considered to be the best option to guarantee to all the participants the full experience of the championship, putting safety first and maintaining sufficient recovery time between the races.