28 Formula4 Italian Championship - Certified by FIA WSK Promotion Official Site- Vallelunga, race 1: Bearman wins in front of Pizzi
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Vallelunga, race 1: Bearman wins in front of Pizzi

The Englishman of US Racing starts well and always keeps the lead with an excellent pace, while Miný with slicks is penalized by the many safety cars

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Bearman with Rain tires takes the lead on Miný at the start, while the Sicilian, 2020 Champion, is in difficulty because he has chosen a strategy with slick tires, and is overtaken by Pizzi, who makes an exceptional start from fourth place, and Jonny Edgar. Miný loses positions down to tenth.

After a few minutes Catino (CRAM Motorsport) goes off track and stops in the gravel so the safety car enters the track with Bearman, Pizzi, Edgar, Miný, Fornaroli, Beganovic, Bortoleto and Salmenautio in the first positions.

At the restart, Bearman is very good at keeping the lead, while Jonny Edgar (VAR) tries to overtake his teammate Francesco Pizzi.

At about 17 minutes and one lap from the end of the race, Nicolas Baptiste goes also off track and the safety car intervenes again. The permanence of the safety car on the track is quite long and the restarts takes place after a few minutes, with Pizzi and Edgar always in battle with each other.

Another exit from the track, this time a spin by the American Jak Crawford, while Dexter Patterson of Bhai Tech Racing is forced to retire due to technical problems.

Crawford's exit in the meantime calls the safety car back on track, and unfortunately, there are no other excitements with the safety car remaining on track until the end of the race, which sees Bearman's victory, followed by an extraordinary Pizzi, who consolidates the second position in the championship, and then Edgar.