310 Formula4 Italian Championship - Certified by FIA WSK Promotion Official Site- LORANDI AHEAD ALL THE WAY
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Lorandi takes advantage of bad start by poleman Saucy and leads to the end

02/06/2018 From pole position Gregoire Saucy (Jenzer Motorsport) makes a bad start and Leonardo Lorandi (Bhai Tech Racing) takes advantage gaining first position, that he will keep till the end of the race, even though safety call will compact cars more than once. At the back of the winner Saucy looses positions, first attached by Ian Rodriguez (DRZ Benelli) and after by Olli Caldwell (Prema Theodore Racing).

Bad race by Enzo Fittipaldi (Prema Theodore Racing) who, even though fast and catching up from sixth position, crashes onto Petr Ptacek (Bhai Tech Racing) and brakes his front wing, with consequent retirement. Final positions are frozen by a final safety car, and will be: Lorandi, Caldwell, then, third, an excellent Giorgio Carrara (Jenzer Motorsport), followed by William Alatalo (Mueke Motorsport), Federico Malvestiti (Jenzer Motorsport) and Jack Doohan (Prema Theodore Racing).

Now Lorandi is first also in the general standings with 106 points against the unvaried 93 of Fittipaldi.

Among Rookies it is indeed Jack Doohan to confirm good speed and mentality, so that he is finally able to take sixth overall position and first one in the Rookie Trophy.

Tomorrow race 2 will start at 9:00 and race 3 at 14:50.

As for race 1, race 2 and 3 will go live on Sportitalia TV (dtt 60 SKY225) and also in live streaming on Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/italianf4championship/).