413 Formula4 Italian Championship - Certified by FIA WSK Promotion Official Site- Fittipaldi: “Go on like this”, Morozov: “With new team I feel I am growing”
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Fittipaldi: “Go on like this”, Morozov: “With new team I feel I am growing”

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The Brazilian Champion tomorrow will continue with the same approach, the Russian feels he is growing with Cram

“Go on like this, I did well, and so has the team, let’s keep focused”, the comment by Enzo Fittipaldi, who finally shows his natural smile again, but soon is back serious. “Tomorrow beside me will start Lorandi, Championship leader, but for me it is always the same, as if cars and helmets were all just white colour, so it makes no difference to have him, Ptacek, Rodriguez or Petecof. I must continue like this, first step ok, but I need a great weekend.”

“With the new team (Cram Motorsport) I am growing finally, and I feel I can do better and better. I am really happy for my first podium in the Rookie Trophy this year, where I really must learn a lot”, the comment by Ilya Morozov, the Russian driver who has ended third among Rookies and tenth overall.

Championship classification sees Lorandi still first with 147 points, followed by Enzo Fittipaldi and his team mate Olli Caldwell, both with 128 points.

In the Rookie Trophy first and gaining distance is still Petr Ptacek (175), followed by Gianluca Petecof (153) and Umberto Laganella (Cram Motorsport), who manages to gain 2 points.

The race can be watched again on Facebook:

Tomorrow start of live streaming of Race 2 will be at 8:55 (CET + 1) and of Race 3 at 17:05. Both races will go live on Sportitalia television.

Sunday June 17
Race 2: 9.00 (28’ + 1 lap)
Race 3: 17.10 (28’ + 1 lap)