826 Formula4 Italian Championship - Certified by FIA WSK Promotion Official Site- Misano Race 2 - Fittipaldi, Ptacek and Rodriguez again
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Misano Race 2 - Fittipaldi, Ptacek and Rodriguez again

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It is once more the 3 drivers of race 1 to be the fastest on Misano circuit

Race 2 the sees same final result as race 1, with Fittipaldi, Ptacek and Rodriguez, while in the Rookie we see for the first time, on the third position of the podium, Danish Oliver Rasmussen (Jenzer Motorsport).

Start is excellent by Enzo Fittipaldi (Prema Theodore Racing), who easily keeps his first position on Leonardo Lorandi (Bhai Tech Racing). Alessio Deledda (Technorace) spins immediately in the very first moments after the start and damages his car. Later he will have to retire due to damage of a suspension. In the first lap Olli Caldwell (Prema Theodore Racing) attempts a difficult overtake on Giorgio Carrara (Jenzer Motorsport) hitting his car and making him spin. Amaury Cordeel (Muecke Motorsport) coming behind does not manage do avoid him. Caldwell will be later penalized by 10” on final classification of the race.

In front we find now Fittipaldi, Lorandi, Petr Ptacek (Bhai Tech Racing) and Gianluca Petecof (Prema Theodore Racing).

Fittipaldi manages to create some distance from the three followers, where Lorandi seems to be the slowest and cannot express his real potential.

After a few laps his teammate Petr Ptacek overtakes him, and Lorandi tries an unsuccessful counter attack blocking front tyres and risking a collision.

At this point it is Petecof who tries to overtake Lorandi, but badly calculates distances and hits the rear of Lorandi’s car. Petecof brakes his front wing and has to pit.

Race becomes really hot when Ian Rodriguez starts his battle to overtake a slower Lorandi. Many attepts are critical, but the driver from Guatemala has the patience and skill to wait for the right moment. Finally, he overtakes Lorandi with an amazing action that sees car n°45 sliding laterally on the four wheels in the inside of Lorandi’s car and managing to pass. One of the best overtakings of the Championship until now.

At this point Fittipaldi leads with 2”6 on Ptacek, followed by upcoming Rodriguez, who is though at 7”. Behind we find Lorandi, Caldwell, Federico Malvestiti (Jenzer Motorsport), who overtakes teammate Gregoire Saucy after the straight and gains 6° position, Ilya Morozov (Cram Motorsport), and his teammate Oliver Rasmusser.
Best lap is finally set by Ptacek in 1’35.490.

Championship classification sees Lorandi still first with 159 points, followed by Enzo Fittipaldi with 153 and Olli Caldwell with 129 points.

In the Rookie Trophy first and gaining distance is still Petr Ptacek (200), followed by Gianluca Petecof (153) and Umberto Laganella (Cram Motorsport), both with 0 points in race 2.

The race can be watched again on Facebook:

This afternoon live streaming on Facebook of Race 3 at 17:05, and lice on Sportitalia television.

Sunday June 17
Race 3: 17.10 (28’ + 1 lap)