1236 Formula4 Italian Championship - Certified by FIA WSK Promotion Official Site- Fittipaldi wins in front of a fast (and unlucky) Lorandi
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Fittipaldi wins in front of a fast (and unlucky) Lorandi

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In race 2 under the rain the battle is only between Fittipaldi and Lorandi, with the Italian the absolute fastest, but damaged by a “shortened” race due to safety car

28/10/2018 – Race 2 is won by Enzo Fittipaldi (Prema Theodore Racing), who starts first and keeps the position until the end, but not without moments of tension. Race starts under a strong rain and with the safety car leading it to let the young drivers get the feel of the track and the low visibility. After start Fittipaldi leads, while Petecof overtakes Caldwell, and so does Lorandi, extremely fast and aggressive, after a few curves.
After one lap race is stopped for an accident involving four drivers (Marinangeli, Deledda, Aznam e Cipriani), but with no injury.

After a long stop to clear the track, safety car is still giving the pace to the group, and in this moment Amna Al Qubaisi (Prema Theodore Racing) goes off track in the gravel and safety car has stay on track. Time goes by fast for Lorandi who sees the race shortening more and more, taking him time away for his recovery on Fittipaldi.
AT the restart, with only around 8’ plus one lap to the end, Lorandi is furious and attacks the track, overtaking Petecof and Caldwell in a few turns. In the meantime tough, Fittipaldi has taken more than 2’ advantage on Lorandi. The Italian starts and amazing recover on the Brazilian, closing the gap on the Prema driver in the last lap and passing on the start line just 0,028 seconds behind. Sum of first part (before red flag) and second part of race 2 will bring the total difference to 2'383, giving victory to Fittipaldi. Third will be a very good Gianluca Petecof (Prema Theodore Racing), while fourth is an undertone Olli Caldwell, who is now mathematically out of the battle for the title.

Classification sees Lorandi still first with 284 points, in front of Fittipaldi with 282. Considering only the 16 results valid for final standings, Fittipladi is first still with 282 points, as he can cancel 4 results which are null, while Lorandi has to cancel 4 points of an 8th position.

So, finally, Lorandi can win the title if he wins race 3, but will have to have more than one position of advantage on Fittipaldi in case the Italiani s not first. By the way starting grid sees Fittipaldi in pole, while Lorandi will start 9th.
In case of ex-equeo, greater number of best results will be taken into consideration. For the moment Fittipaldi is ahead with 6 first positions against 5 of Lorandi.

So, race 3 with start at 15:30 local time and live streaming onf facebook page starting at 15.25, will be a real battle between the two talents, with deserving the title, and who will find most probably again wet track conditions.
Details and standings on www.acisport.it/it/F4/home.
Carlo Forni
Press Office - Ufficio Stampa
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