412 Formula4 Italian Championship - Certified by FIA WSK Promotion Official Site- Monza race 3: Hauger in the rain
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Monza race 3: Hauger in the rain

Hauger in the rain recovers from the second position and wins

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Start with safety car in the rain with a few laps from the race direction for drivers to adapt to the adverse conditions. The race starts with the exit of the safety car after 6'. Edgar is on pole with Hauger behind. When safety car exits the track Edgar holds the first position and Alatalo carries out a great overtaking on Hauger, which after a little redeploys the Muecke driver. Behind the first three Belov, Aron and Stanek.

At 20 to the end Hauger attacks and gets on the side of Edgar on the straight, but then remains in second position.

At 17' to the end an accident by Belov that bumps into Alatalo and breaks the suspension, and so goes off track, while the Muecke driver continues the race, but the accident requires the entry of the safety car.

At this point the ranking sees Edgar, Hauger, Alatalo, Aron, Stanek and Rasmussen.

A 12'20 to the end an incident involving Joshua Duerksen, Gianluca Petecof, Lorenzo Ferrari and Alessandro Famularo at low speed in the first variant requires again entry of the safety car. At 4'30 Hauger overtakes Edgar, while behind there is battle between Aron, Edgar and Alatalo. After a long phase of driving at the very limit, an accident between Alatalo and Edgar is inevitable, the first to go into a spin, while the second continues, but the safety car is still required.

Hauger wins, in front of Aron, who is the winner of the Rookie Trophy and third in the absolute championship, behind Petecof.