2060 Formula4 Italian Championship - Certified by FIA WSK Promotion Official Site- Double pole for Kimi Antonelli, Rafael Camara in race 3
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Double pole for Kimi Antonelli, Rafael Camara in race 3

Prema Racing dominates qualifyings in Spa-Francorchamps

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The double qualifying session in the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, the first European round of the Italian F.4 2022, which this year makes its debut on the historic Belgian track, considered the unversity of Formula 1 drivers, is over.
There are 36 drivers taking to the track this weekend, the fastest lap in both sessions going to Andrea Kimi Antonelli, Prema Racing, who gains the pole position in both race 1 and race 2. His time in the first qualifying session was 2'22.231, and in today's race (start at 14.00) 3 Prema team-mates will follow him in the front rows. In order: James Wharton (+0.171), Rafael Camara (+0.200) and Charlie Wurz (+0.504). Fifth starting block in race 1 for Nikita Bedrin, 2021 Rookie Champion, now competing for the Italian F.4 with the PHM Racing team, maintained a gap of half a second from the leader. Third row with the 6th best time in the first qualifying session for Marcus Amand, US Racing, who finished with a gap of 0.607.
7th was Conrad Laursen (+0.864), the last representative of the team from Grisignano di Zocco on the track. Following them a trio representing the German team US Racing: Kacper Sztuka (+0.947), Alexander Dunne (+0.989) and Nikhil Bohra (+1.090). There were also excellent placings for PHM Racing's Englishman Taylor Barnard and Iron Dames flag bearer, Maya Weug, who will start respectively from 11th and 12th blocks in today's race grid.

In the second session the best lap, again at Prema Racing's Bolognese, is marked at 2'22.170. In the first race tomorrow, Sunday 19 June, Antonelli will be joined by Brazilian Rafael Camara (+0.202), then behind two other teammates, Wharton (+0.302) and Laursen (+0.671). Still P5 for Nikita Bedrin (+0.701), followed by the US Racing trio, Irishman Dunne (+0784), Franco-Finnishman Amand (+0.927) and Bohra (+1.029). Ninth best time for Barnard (+1.072), followed by Martinus Stenshorne, Norwegian Rookie driver of Van Amersfoort Racing, who closes the top 10 with a gap of +1.172. Starting on the sixth row in race 2 for Iron Lynx is Portuguese driver Ivan Domingues (+1.286), flanked by Van Amersfoort Racing's Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi Jr (+1.305).
Sunday's final race will see Rafael Camara (2'22.428) in pole position, thanks to the second best time between the two sessions. Alongside him will be teammate Antonelli, followed by Wharton and Laursen on the second row.
Andrea Kimi Antonelli: "Was really tricky for the traffic. Once again we had a lot of cars, it is really hard to find the right gap. I think in quali 1 we did a good job because I was fully alone and I was able to put a lap togheter. In quali 2 I think we didnt good as good as quali 1, I was a bit into the traffic. Still a good sessione, well see what we can do in race 1 and 2. Is the comment of the Italian driver after winning 5 pole position in a row in the last 2 rounds of the Championship.
Rafael Camara: "A really good quali. Quite messy to have a good position to do the lap, but in the end we did a good laps. Pole in race 3 is a good result, also in the other 2 race we are always in the top 3. The race is going to be really difficult, there are going to be quite some nice battles. We will try to push and win the races. is the comment after the session of the first race winner of the Italian F.4 Championship certified by FIA 2022.
Race 1 starting at 14.00. Race 2 on Sunday 19 at 9., while the last race of the weekend will start at 17.25.
The three races will be broadcast live on ACI Sport TV and in live streaming on the Facebook and Youtube channels of the Italian F.4 Championship.